Quality is Behind the Diamond

Amerex Fire International Ltd. is a UK based company supplying both UK and overseas markets. Amerex has been providing high quality and innovative fire fighting products for over 40 years and are recognised as leaders in their field.

Amerex extinguishers are universally accepted as the finest in the market and unsurpassed in the quality of materials, manufacture and ease of service. Amerex are proud that their extinguishers have the greatest number of global approvals of any brand. Amerex Fire international Limited has also been awarded A Royal Warrant of Appointment from Her Majesty The Queen.

The Amerex Group

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Amerex, Solberg and Janus Fire Systems — three powerhouses in fire suppression technology — have joined forces. As an alliance of independent companies with a singular purpose: revolutionize the course of fire suppression technology with safer, more effective and more sustainable solutions. Pooling their expert knowledge and resources to develop complete fire suppression solutions for forward-thinking companies around the world. Because meeting today's industry standards just isn't good enough.