CO2 Extinguishers

Models 920 and 950 are the 2kg and 5kg carbon dioxide extinguishers in the Amerex range.

These models are manufactured from lightweight aluminium alloy cylinders with a red paint finish. Both models have brass valves.

Carbon Dioxide is discharged as a white cloud which smothers the fire by eliminating its oxygen. It is effective for Class B flammable liquid fires and is electrically nonconductive.

Capacity (kg) 2 5
Fire Rating 34B 55B
Av. Charged Weight (kg) 5.1 11.4
Range (metres)     1-3 1-3
Av. Discharge Time (secs) 9 12
Height (cm) 50 70.4
Cylinder Diameter (cm) 11.7 15.3
Overall Width (cm) 10.6 50.5
Media     CO2 CO2


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CO2 Extinguishers