The Amerex Group

Amerex Group


Amerex, Solberg, and Janus Fire Systems - three powerhouses in fire suppression technology - have joined forces. Not as one company. But as an alliance of independent companies with a singular purpose: revolutionize the course of fire suppression technology with safer, more effective, and more sustainable solutions. As an alliance, these industry experts are pooling their knowledge and resources to develop complete fire suppression solutions for forward-thinking companies around the world. Because meeting today’s industry standards just isn’t good enough.





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Amerex has been providing high quality and innovative fire fighting products for over 40 years and are recognised as leaders in their field. Amerex extinguishers are universally accepted as the finest in the market and unsurpassed in the quality of materials, manufacture and ease of service. Amerex are proud that their extinguishers have the greatest number of global approvals of any brand.



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Solberg is a global company that is your one-stop resource for firefighting foam concentrates and custom-designed foam suppression systems and hardware. High-quality Solberg brand products deliver the performance you need, at a competitive price. 



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Janus Fire Systems is a division of Amerex Corporation, the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of hand portable and wheeled extinguishers for commercial and industrial applications.  Janus Fire Systems produces High Quality, ISO-9001 certified products for the protection of all types of special hazards.



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