Environmental Policy

Amerex Fire International Ltd accepts its environmental responsibilities and recognises its obligations to contribute to the resolution of global and local environmental issues by reducing its environmental impact and taking an active role in promoting environmental good practice.

The key points of Amerex Fire International Ltd’s strategy to achieve this are:

  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the company.
  • Reduce water and energy use.
  • Identify and manage environmental risks and hazards.
  • Promote environmentally responsible purchasing.


S T Evans
Executive Chairman


In Detail

Amerex Fire International Ltd was formed in 1988 to supply fire protection products in UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our main source of supply is Amerex Corporation (part of McWane Inc.) in the USA where the components are manufactured in Alabama in a facility certified to ISO 9001 and 14001. Other sources of supply are from the UK made of materials manufactured in the UK, and Europe.

At our factory in Cwmbran we operate a policy, in association with the Local Authority, to recycle our waste paper and cardboard.

The materials used in our equipment are as environmentally friendly as possible bearing in mind the need for an efficient fire fighting capability. We currently have a researc h programme in place for more environmentally friendly media and are currently the only company supplying a water mist extinguisher, which contains de-ionised water only, eliminating any pollution from the media and also greatly reducing water damage. These units are especially suitable for museums, archives and libraries where water damage can be an important issue.

All our extinguishers are designed to have a long operational life and consequently they have a 10 year guarantee.
In all our operations we take care to reduce waste and emissions to the environment by monitoring our usage month on month with the goal of achieving continuous reductions.


Major Areas of Impact

1. Energy Use – The Company has an on-going commitment to reduce its energy consumption. To this end all radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves to enable the temperature to be controlled within each individual room and reduced to frost protection only when unoccupied. An energy efficient boiler has been installed allowing both heating and hot water to be produced only when needed. Energy efficient bulbs are used where applicable.

All new equipment is assessed on its energy efficiency as part of the process used to make a purchasing decision.

2. Waste – In association with the local authority all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and recyclable cartons are collected and sent for re-cycling on a weekly basis.

We also supply a range of equipment which enables our customers to recycle the extinguishing media when maintenance is being carried out on the extinguisher.

3. Timber & Rainforests – Where-ever possible we are using recycled paper products, if this is not possible we endeavour to use products from sustainable supplies. We only use re-cycled pallets for sending our shipments to customers.

4. Water Use – The use of water is not a major factor in our operations. Water use is monitored to ensure there is a minimum of wastage.

5. Chemicals - Whenever possible we purchase chemicals for use in the office facilities which are environmentally friendly and, in addition, the quantities of any chemical used is kept to a minimum.

The industry in which we operate does use chemicals which are not the most environmentally friendly. This, however, should be weighed against the environmental impact that fires cause and the disruption to the country’s economy, and the lives and livelihood of its citizens. We are making a major research effort to reduce the environmental effects of the media used without reducing its efficacy.

We currently have in place a contract with local independent consultants to cover our activities with regard to COSHH and health and safety, who carry out audits on a regular basis.

6. Local Use – The fire protection industry works in a global market place and it presents challenges to source products locally. We are committed to use local products and services wherever possible.


Future Programme

In the next six months we intend to:-

1. Carry out a comprehensive review of our systems and practices.

2. Establish revised future targets for our on-going environmental performance.

3. Sign up to The Princes Mayday Network.